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The Original Digital Asset NFT
  • Create my own digital assets.

    Artizen's NFT market allows every user to make and trade their NFT (digital assets) directly.Users can also experience the works of other artists registered as professional NFT creators. Digital assets minted into NFTs guarantees ownership on the online network. Make a profit by selling creative digital assets.

  • Creating new values.

    Artizen plans to create a metaverse with profound professional partners in various fields such as games and art.Artizen allows users to utilize partners' IP (intellectual property rights) to create new works. Artizen’s metaverse platform provides a chance for everyone to experience these new works. The more the user creates unique works, the more the value of the work will be higher.

  • The new world we create.

    Artizen's adventure will start with the NFT open market and a platform that allows users to create their avatars, used in Artizen World shortly. Artizen’s Metaverse will provide users the chance to have various interactions, entertain events, and build their content.Please join us in this powerful tide that Artizen is creating.


NFT and Metaverse are changing the way people connect.

NFT (non-fungible token) is a technology that proves the original digital item. Giving digital items an inoperable unique number authenticates the original, thereby giving scarcity and value to unique digital creations.

Through the uniqueness of NFT, the era has come to prove ownership digitally. People have the opportunity to have 'authenticated ownership' even in virtual spaces without physical restrictions.Artizen has the technology to build an open market for trading these NFTs.
Artizen will create a metaverse that revolves around the NFT and token economy based on this technology.
People will live in a world where they buy or sell valuable things in a virtual space called Metaverse, and their sales revenue will soon lead to actual profits.

This change is already in front of us, and it is a powerful flow that no one can stop.
The synergy between the NFT market, where anyone can become an artist and trade their works, and the metaverse, where tokens and NFTs circulate smoothly, will create more life-changing events for all participants.
Now, a little more than a decade has passed after the advent of smartphones, the way humans connect has wholly changed. And humanity will experience a digital revolution driven by NFT and Metaverse once again.


Play to dream !

  • Rare Craft

    Artizen provides a platform to create your own unique NFTs by decorating, combining, and wearing various game costumes and items on your avatar. Make your own 'rare' item that doesn't exist. The uniquely combined NFTs the user-created come with the ability to mint and trade exclusively. Experience a new way to create value for your digital assets. Rarecraft will create a new path to becoming an NFT artist.

  • NFT market place

    Mint your digital work into NFTs and upload it. There are users all over the world waiting for your unique piece. NFT Marketplace is a space of opportunity for anyone to work as an NFT artist. Do not hesitate to become an NFT artist; Artizen supports your dream and achieves it. Artizen's NFT Marketplace will be an exhibition hall where you can enjoy digital works of various artists beyond the function of the market exchange that buys and sells pieces.

  • Digital SHOP

    Do you want to mint a unique NFT using various IPs and create a rare combination?
    If so, you must visit the Item Shop on the Artizen platform.
    You can obtain various items and materials needed for IP combinations and trade your items with other users. Nobody can stand one’s precious avatar wandering around this metaverse with similar or the same looks as other avatars!

  • My Space

    It's users’small virtual space within the platform where one’s avatar can collect various resources used on the platform or decorate it to suit one’s taste. Users can visit another user's space or expand their space. 'My Space' is users’ virtual real estate within the Artizen World platform. This small virtual space is the starting point of Artizen's journey from the Artizen platform to the Artizen World and again to the Metaverse.


  • Ryian Minsang Jeon Founder & CEO
    Jin Park Executive SVP & CSO
    Jake Jaehyuck Maeng CTO & Head of Metaverse Department
    Jae Hyuck Choy Director
    Jung Hwan Oh Business Development Officer
    Minhoo Jeon CMO
    Hong Seok Kim Head of Marketplace Department
    Jay Shin Head of NFT Department
    Ki Hoon Jeon TD
    Youmi Lee Art Director
    Jamie Jiwon Park Designer



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